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Lady Liberty Visits Kindergarten photo

Lady Liberty Visits Kindergarten

 Although older grades travel the world in their globalization lessons, kindergarten classes have their roots firmly planted in the U.S.A. During the week of Sept. 22, kindergarteners learned about our country’s most famous gift, the Statue of Liberty.

Taking a “field trip of the imagination”, our students crossed New York Harbor by ferry along with a girl named Olivia, who told us all about “Liberty Enlightening the World” as she is officially known. Next they read a fictitious account of the day Lady Liberty became bored and decided to travel from sea to shining sea and only letters from the children of New York could entice her to return home.

After learning why the Statue of Liberty is no longer a shiny copper color, their culminating project was to create a beautiful turquoise Liberty crown of their own. Lady Liberty looked great all over Sandy Ridge!

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Sandy Ridge Celebrates Globalization Day photo

Sandy Ridge Celebrates Globalization Day

Sandy Ridge students recently experienced a fun-filled afternoon celebrating Globalization, Cinco de Mayo, and Venezuela. Students were treated to an International afternoon featuring Cinco de Mayo Bingo, Mariachi Music, Pimpon puppets, Futbol, Capture the Flag, the Mexican Hat Dance, Mexican themed art activities, and more! To top off the days events they were treated to a lesson on the History and Culture of Venezuela by Mrs. Lewis, a parent who was born and raised in Venezuela. Special Thanks to all the Parents, Teachers, Teacher Assistants, and Staff who made these afternoon events possible. Muchas Gracias! 

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