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Fourth Graders Take Action Against Animal Cruelty

Ms. Nichol's class, along with our other 4th grade classes, have just completed a unit in reading that focused on social issues.  The students identified the differences between a problem and a social issue. Then students determined problems and issues found in books read aloud and in book clubs.  In small groups and individually students considered possible ways to help with social issues within our own community.  The class narrowed down the list of potential action plans and eventually chose to focus on animal cruelty and neglect.  

"Our action plan was to collect items for the Humane Society of Union County (HSUC)," said Ms. Nichols.  "The HSUC was contacted and will send a volunteer to talk to the students about the responsibilities of owning a pet, as well as picking up our collection of pet supplies for the animals in need."

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Who is “Bonhomme”? photo

Who is “Bonhomme”?

 First Grade spent the past month learning about Quebec, Canada and the “Carnaval de Quebec”, the city’s big winter celebration. Students learned about its famous mascot, “Bonhomme Carnaval”, the “tuque” wearing French snowman who appears on nighttime parade floats and is on hand during the day for adventures and photo ops with carnival goers.

After completing a “point par point” (or dot-to-dot) the students were able to discover Bonhomme’s favorite thing…snowflakes! Each student then made their own Bonhomme puppet, and learned about the “Palais de Glace,” Bonhomme’s famous ice castle that melts away every year but is rebuilt the following January.



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