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A World of Art

AIG Reading students in fifth grade treated the school to an artistic display of paintings from around the world and across the ages.  After reading Chasing Vermeer, a novel about an international art crime, students were assigned the task of researching an artist of their choice and writing a paper on their life and works.  That was the easy part.  Next, they had to try and replicate their favorite piece from that artist. 

Studying an artist is one thing, but putting brush to canvas and trying to recreate a well-known masterpiece is another --- and Sandy Ridge students rose to the occasion brilliantly.  “It was very different from any other project” writes Meghan Dixon.  “We had the chance to step into the life of an artist and recreate one of their masterpieces”.  

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A Day to Play AND Learn photo

A Day to Play AND Learn

This year Sandy Ridge put a twist on Field Day...and celebrated games and made connections from around the world!  Want to have a pizza box relay race?  First, learn about the origins of pizza in Italy and how remains of a pizzeria have been found in the ruins of Pompeii.  Do you think you can take on the egg (golf ball) and spoon challenge?  Maybe, but you won't be dressed in quite the right apparel since the first record of an egg and spoon race was in England where village children played the game to celebrate Queen Victoria's jubilee.  What about bowling, that's a modern sport, right?  Not so fast.  Crude bowling pins and balls have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs, making it about a 5,000 year old sport. 

From learning about the harvesting of natural sponges in Lebanon for the over/under sponge relay to jumping rope and Double Dutch from the Netherlands, Sandy Ridge students played as they learned about the world.  At each game station students were taught information about the country of origin of the sporting activity or one of its items.  Who says Field Day is all about playing?

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