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History of America Comes Alive at Sandy Ridge photo

History of America Comes Alive at Sandy Ridge

The history of America came alive on April 8th as the students in third grade and the Musical Theater Group, under the direction of Mrs. Melissa LoPresto, presented "An American Dream." This show, written by John Jacobsen and Roger Emerson, was a musical celebration of America's Early Heritage. It correlated the Common Core Social Studies curriculum to include the Discovery of America, the Revolutionary War, the Westward Expansion, and the Civil War. It concluded with a rousing patriotic number that brought the performers together with over 200 students on stage! It was a great show and a wonderful journey through the history of America. 

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What's the Buzz in Second Grade photo

What's the Buzz in Second Grade

Did you know that if honey bees were not around, we would not have the types of fruits and vegetables that we have now?

They make up for 80% of all insect pollination. If it weren’t for honeybees and their pollinating, we would not get to eat oranges, apples, peaches, strawberries, watermelons, cantaloupes, cucumbers or almonds… 

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