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Volunteer Information
The Volunteer Program at Sandy Ridge Elementary will operate in accordance with UCPS Volunteer Policy 3-29.

What is a volunteer?
"Volunteer" refers to a person or group who has been approved to volunteer in the schools and provides goods or services of his/her own free will to Union County Public Schools without receiving any financial payment for such goods or services.

Why volunteer?
Volunteers provide students with enriched or additional learning experiences.
Volunteers assist with certain routine duties and allow school employees to devote more time to their professional duties.
Volunteers serve the school district's need for community input by mentoring, serving on committees or site-based management teams and other educational groups.
Volunteers make the educational program more flexible and student-oriented. Increased personal attention and assistance to the individual student creates positive results.

Volunteer Process
1) Obtain a volunteer application available from the school office.
2) Complete the entire application and make sure it is legible.
3) Submit one application per volunteer.
4) Return your application to the volunteer coordinator who is located in the school office.
5) The volunteer coordinator will forward your application to the Human Resources Division for processing.
6) Once your application has been processed, it will be returned to the volunteer coordinator.
7) The volunteer coordinator will then contact you upon approval to begin volunteering!

*Please note: If there is a break in volunteer service for a period of one school semester, the volunteer application must be resubmitted. In order to maintain active volunteer status, an individual must volunteer at least one (1) time each semester during the school year, otherwise, your volunteer status becomes inactive.

Volunteer Level Descriptions
In order to encourage parent and community involvement while insuring the safety of all students, Union County Public Schools employs a screening policy for school volunteers. The screening process will identify those individuals who may jeopardize the security and safety of students. The level of screening for volunteers is reflective of the degree of supervised versus unsupervised involvement with a child and the nature of the volunteers' contact with students. At Sandy Ridge Elementary, all volunteer applications will be processed at 'Level 4' thereby granting full volunteering priveleges.

Volunteer Opportunities
There are numerous ways in which you can volunteer in our school. Below are some suggested acitivities:

Beautify the school yard
Share in the learning and teaching process
Provide knowledge regarding various kinds of jobs
Make costumes for plays
Serve on an advisory or site-based committee
Address and mail letters for parent groups
Collect materials for an art project
Contact people/businesses who can assist in the total school program
Attend PTA or other parent group meetings
Volunteer to read to or with students
Tutor a child
Work on a school newsletter
Recruit other volunteers
Assist with fund-raising projects
Help with book fairs
Assist in organizing class events
Chaperone students on field trips
Assist with vision/hearing screening
Mentor a child

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